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How difficult do you find it to draw when you're "not in the mood?" 

129 deviants said Next to impossible - I can force myself to try, but it turns out absolutely terrible, or I somehow still get nothing but a blank canvas despite my best efforts.
119 deviants said Challenging - it's doable, but painful, and the results often suffer for it.
23 deviants said Moderately difficult - it's not ideal, but it's definitely doable, and generally produces just as good results as when I'm in the mood.
21 deviants said Not applicable - I don't do art.
13 deviants said Not too bad - eh, obviously I'd rather be in the mood for it, but it's not really that hard.
5 deviants said Not applicable - I'm almost always in the mood to do art, or find it very easy to get myself into the mood.
3 deviants said Not very difficult at all - whether I'm in the mood or not doesn't actually really impact how hard it is to sit down and make decent artwork.


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Looking back on art...

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 6, 2015, 9:19 AM

In 2014, I produced 119 illustrations, a little more if you include some icons I made for Endless Realms...

  • 78 Endless Realms images
  • 34 freelance commissions

  • 2 gifts

That leaves just 5 left over.  I made 5 images that were just for fun, 5 images that weren't "work."  They weren't much, but they include:

So... now it's 2015, and so far, I've done 111 illustrations, excluding the book buddies I just did for Endless Realms, along with a t-shirt project I was working on with GrowlTiger.  That's...

  • 96 Endless Realms images

  • 13 freelance commissions

  • 2 gifts

No personal art this year.


Yeah, I thought that was pretty bad, too.  To be fair, though, I had forgotten to count this picture of cartoon mini-foods I had started this year as something to try to relax with, but still.  I thought 5 pieces of personal art over an entire year in which 2 of them took less than an hour was pretty bad, but this year was worse o_O

A little distressed, I mentioned it to my husband: part of the problem with doing so much artwork as the breadwinning job for the household is that, well, frankly, when I DO have time off, I don't really WANT to do art.  But clearly, I WANT to want to, so he's given me an assignment, a "faux commission" if you will :b  "Draw something with the following three things you like in it: something hunky, some kind of fantasy creature, and some sort of food."

It's funny, I was actually a bit bent out of shape about it at first.  WHAT?!  What kind of weird picture would that be?!  Why can't I just do more art for my story since I haven't done any for over a year?  THIS IS JUST MORE WORK >8E  But then I chilled out and started thinking about it.

That's the trick, you know.  That's how I manage to keep going doing commission artwork, constantly creating works for people of worlds that aren't mine, ideas that aren't mine, characters that aren't mine - you have to get passionate about what the idea has to offer, think about what makes the creator so excited and enamored with the idea that they want to pay to have art made of it.  If you can empathize with the person, get inside their head and feel what they feel, then you can do art for them.

Except this time, it wasn't very hard, because the ideas were my own favourite things - I just had to come up with a way to combine them...

And I did.  I'm even pretty excited about it!  It's not done, but I don't care - at least I made something.  I really just wanted to mention this, if only to myself as a recording of it actually happening, just in the off-chance it slips away into the graveyard of forgotten unfinished art.  But if we're lucky, I'll manage to paint it some time this month :)

So sorry, guys.  I probably could have taken the time to do more commission auction bids instead, but, well, I figured I owed myself at least one personal picture this year :V

Art Status

Commissions - temporarily CLOSED (see journal)

Last updated Dec 11th

  • Endless Realms - block 12 (advance paid)
  • Vangarthia: phoenix/dragon (paid in full)


Jen Elliott (Jen Philpot)
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
I am temporarily CLOSED for commissions! Please see my journal for more information.


I'm 30 years old, happily married, with a B.Sc in animal biology. I'm an illustrator who prefers work with animal and/or fantasy elements - I use primarily digital media but also some traditional, and focus on realistic and semi-realistic paintings as well as a few varieties of lineart-based art. I largely worked freelance, but now am the lead artist for Endless Realms, a D&D-like pen and paper RPG currently in development.

As for hobbies, I am a huge music enthusiast. I am a classically trained pianist and aspiring teacher, although recent and not-so-recent life events have caused me to fall tragically out of practice. I love listening to music and almost always enjoy finding new and unusual instruments, songs, genres and artists - I collect music not just of my own tastes, but also work that I find noteworthy, unique or extraordinarily different, and I'd like to think I have at least one or two examples of any major musical genre represented in my collection.

I also love food - trying new things and appreciating the foods I like is a simple undeniable pleasure for me. I never really cooked much when I was young, but have since really grown to enjoy it. Like my musical tastes, I potentially like just about anything - it all depends on how it's done.

I'm also pretty clearly a nerd. Besides generally enjoying things like science and philosophy (and being a huge music nerd, as previously mentioned), I love good science fiction, fantasy, and character/world-building, and enthusiastically but infrequently get the chance to practice archery and poi. I also enjoy a number of games, from video games to tabletop to cards to PnP RPGs, but I grew up primarily with video games - favourites include the old X-Wing/TIE Fighter series, RPGs like Suikoden, ChronoTrigger and Super Mario RPG, stealth games like Metal Gear Solid, and music games like DDR, Guitar Hero, Osu and Audiosurf.

I also theoretically enjoy writing, although I have much more of a love/hate relationship with it. While I've never quite gotten the hang of creating good narrative flow, I do enjoy world building and have created an extensive universe called The Tripartitus.


All inquiries regarding commissions may be made through notes, or email me at - see also… - please don't delete previous messages from notes, as I need those to help keep track of people! Thank you :)

I am temporarily CLOSED for commissions! Please see my journal for more information.


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